The Act of Happiness

Dear Lovely Readers,

It seems like a polar vortex has invaded NYC, and my camera and I are safely tucked away from the bitter cold. I'd love to use my time at home as a chance to discuss an important topicthe pursuit of happiness. Most humans are on a constant pursuit of happiness, whether through means of instant gratification (food, shopping, etc.), or achievements in success, money, or status. How often do you feel, "Once I find my dream job, I'll be happy" or "If people admire my accomplishments, I'll be happy." I believe success, money, and relationships are not the origins of happiness, but the tools to help us reach happiness. The true origin of happiness comes from within yourself, and in that sense, is completely in your control.

(Photography by Takashi Matsuzaki)


Satin Sangria

It's all in the details. When creating an outfit, I find the greatest satisfaction in finding that "finishing touch" elementwhether it's in matching prints, colors, or the unexpected statement piece. Sometimes the finishing touch comes in the form of a luscious lip color. 



2014it's finally here!

Looking back, 2013 was a year of challenges and growth, friendships and love. I pushed myself beyond what I thought were my limits and in turn discovered how truly impactful willpower can be on the endgame. It was also the year I found my first mentoran individual who inspires me with her words and actions, who is elegant, compassionate, and a leader in every sense of the word. With the New Year, my expectation is to continue building myself as a professional, a friend, a daughter & sister, and to follow through with excellence in everything I touch.