Modern Gilet

When I think of closet staples, the first things that come to mind are black pants, sexy heels and a luxe bag. They are the go-to pieces that match virtually anything, and make for effortless dressing. This year, I've fallen in love with a new staple: the gilet.


Sports Luxe

Growing up, I was unequivocally a tomboy who preferred sports over fashion and only wore dresses for weddings. Although these predilections didn't stick with me into adulthood, they have influenced my current style. I still love the ease of a tee shirt and track pant, but with updated details: something along the lines of a mesh insert, white piping, or neoprene element. There's something so attractive about the sports luxe style that it's no wonder the fashion world has come to embrace it. 


Lace in Mind

In my mind, few things communicate "feminine" better than delicate lace—let alone lace of the sheer variety. It's my go-to piece for a dreary day and perfect option for New York's summer to fall transition.



Celebrity stylists Emily Current and Meritt Elliott recently shared their picks for three accessories worth splurging on: a black clutch, metallic heels and a timeless watch. Accessories work powerfully to elevate an outfit and bring fresh, dynamic elements to it. I also rely on accessories to provide a finishing touch that pulls the look together. My splurge-worthy pieces? I'd include intricately bold jewelry and color-blocked heels. 



Recently I've been embracing a more minimalist aestheticfrom silk tops and crepe vests to tuxedo pants and classic pumpsall in a palette of black, pastel or white. I find it easier to incorporate accessories and focus on details when my outfit is simple and fuss-free. The story for this look: intersecting yet complementary lines.



It's not just the soothing warmth or promise of relaxation that entices us every summer. The combination of water and sun captivates us in an indescribable, visceral way. Triangl, an Australian swimwear label founded in 2012 and inspired by the classic triangle bikini, embodies this essense of sexy-cool. Jump into an endless summer with Stylized Luxe and Triangl!



It's time to spring into color. Like a girl to stilettos, I gravitate towards clothing in vibrant palettes, prints, or unconventional silhouettes. It can be the perfect accent in a monochromatic look or make a statement as the centerpiece of the outfit. Leave it to Helmut Lang to deliver a juicy splash of springtime color.


Luxe Little Loves

This month has been filled with joys, both big and small. One of the most surreal moments was seeing myself in the May 2014 issue of InStyle Magazine. Thank you to my friends, family and colleagues who have already shared their support! On a smaller scale, I've been finding beauty in everything from my favorite cosmetics to vibrant florals. Keep reading for all the shopping details on my luxe little loves.


Graphic Layers

Layering is not limited to fall fashion. One of my favorite seasons to experiment with layers is early springtime, when the weather is transitioning from crisp and cool to sunny and balmy. Whether you pull out your favorite trench or drape a blazer over lush florals, remember to have fun with mixing prints, textures and colors.


Firenze Notte

In my opinion, nothing completes an outfit better than a stunning pair of shoes. Perhaps it's the ability for shoes to define and transform an outfitto tell a storythat has kept me endlessly fascinated with them. Thus, it brings me great joy to have befriended a brilliant footwear designer, Michael Mack of Michael Grey Footwear. His designs are a rare combination of modern silhouettes, vintage storytelling, subtle yet exciting details and superior comfort. Michael is definitely my sole mate when it comes to shoes! Keep reading for a closer look at one of my favorites, the Firenze Notte



New York experienced a wave of beautiful weather over the weekend, and I fully embraced it with my fashion choices. We've heard of statement necklaces and heels, but today I'm experimenting with a pair of statement tights. Today I feel like a concrete jungle creature.


Stylized Luxe X Deondra Jereé

"Life is luxury." This is the motto designer Deondra Jereé lives by, and executes flawlessly into her premier luxury handbag line, Deondra Jereé Collection. Based in New York, the 22-year-old designer distinguishes her line from the current fashion world by incorporating luxury materials and bold designs with the modern woman in mind. I'm excited to share our collaboration, and one of my favorite pieces from her Pre-Fall 2014 collection: the Braseé Juweyvos. 


Stylized Luxe X Leah Singh

This month I had the opportunity to interview Leah, the founder and creative mind behind Leah SinghHer collection of pillows, clutches and bone jewelry mixes traditional Indian craft techniques with modern, geometric forms. I'm thrilled to share Leah's story, and how her brand promotes the rejuvenation of traditional Indian craftsmanship.


Inside My Balenciaga

What could be more fun in the winter than a Tangerine orange bag? If it's a Balenciaga with a furry pon pon to match, of course. Take a peek inside my Balenciaga for some daily essentials that I'm currently loving.


Winter Wear

Winter dressing can be quite a challenge when it comes to creating both fashionable and functional looks. The best way to bring some style back to sub-zero temperatures is to find the perfect winter accessories.


The Act of Happiness

Dear Lovely Readers,

It seems like a polar vortex has invaded NYC, and my camera and I are safely tucked away from the bitter cold. I'd love to use my time at home as a chance to discuss an important topicthe pursuit of happiness. Most humans are on a constant pursuit of happiness, whether through means of instant gratification (food, shopping, etc.), or achievements in success, money, or status. How often do you feel, "Once I find my dream job, I'll be happy" or "If people admire my accomplishments, I'll be happy." I believe success, money, and relationships are not the origins of happiness, but the tools to help us reach happiness. The true origin of happiness comes from within yourself, and in that sense, is completely in your control.

(Photography by Takashi Matsuzaki)


Satin Sangria

It's all in the details. When creating an outfit, I find the greatest satisfaction in finding that "finishing touch" elementwhether it's in matching prints, colors, or the unexpected statement piece. Sometimes the finishing touch comes in the form of a luscious lip color. 



2014it's finally here!

Looking back, 2013 was a year of challenges and growth, friendships and love. I pushed myself beyond what I thought were my limits and in turn discovered how truly impactful willpower can be on the endgame. It was also the year I found my first mentoran individual who inspires me with her words and actions, who is elegant, compassionate, and a leader in every sense of the word. With the New Year, my expectation is to continue building myself as a professional, a friend, a daughter & sister, and to follow through with excellence in everything I touch.