Tartan En Rouge

You cannot separate your identity from your perspective. To be honest, blogging and sharing myself with others has always been a mental challenge for me. From a young age I was taught to be diligent, humble, introspective, and to value knowledge over supposedly "frivolous" things. The idea of fashion was so far removed from those values that I equated it with superficiality, narcissism, and other qualities I disdained. But with age, I've realized that your entire world is formed by your lens, your perspective. Instead of viewing fashion as something superficial, I choose to view it as a challenge of creativity and confidence. Similarly, I'm trying to look at my blog as a platform to push myself to be more open, to take risks, and to hopefully instill some inspiration.


Miss Dior

I experience happiness and inspiration through avenues great and small. Miss Dior Eau de Toilette, which embodies the elegance of Dior Couture in both its scent and shape, presents a sense of romance with every spritz. 


Floral Vineyard

This Columbus Day weekend, my friends and I made a trip to Macari Vineyards in Long Island for our first wine club excursion. Though we're only an hour or so from the city, it felt like we slipped away to a different world of relaxation, fresh air, and amazing wine. It also didn't hurt to have perfect weather that day!



Last season's exploration of the crop top reemerged during several New York Fashion Week SS14 shows, including Jill Stuart, Balenciaga, Thakoon, and Rodarte to name a few. While it may seem difficult to incorporate crop tops into one's wardrobe, when styled correctly, it can create a sexy yet sophisticated "skin-is-in" moment.


Luxe Details

Fashion is exploration, inspiration, and escape from the mundane. What I appreciate most is the storytelling capability of an outfitwhether it's an indicator of one's aesthetic or even one's personality. I would describe myself as detail-oriented, feminine and confident, and I think these qualities are reflected in my style.


Beige Leger

The world of beauty had, for the longest time, felt completely foreign to me. The thought of curling my virtually non-existent lashes, or waiting idly for my nail polish to dry, didn't appeal to me until my early twenties. I wouldn't call myself a beauty buff now, but I've definitely learned a few tricks in applying my style of natural looking makeup. Over the years I've accumulated a few staple beauty products, and I'd love to share them with you!