Subdued Hues

Hi friends - I hope you're having a good weekend! Every winter there are days when I completely neglect fashion and dress like I'm in Antarctica (unless of course I'm Kate Upton, which means I'm in a barely-there string bikini). Those days I pine for warmer weather, so my brain can come out of survival mode and function creatively again. Recently I was inspired by my mother's artwork to play with a more colorful palette. And what better time than winter to pile on those vibrant layers?


Studs & Shearling

Hi friends! Can you believe it's March already? It's already been a few weeks since I started doing Visual Merchandising, and I'm loving it. I really enjoy playing with different colors and finding details that complement one another so working with FENDI merchandise is like a dream come true. Although I haven't lost sight of my ultimate career goal, I'm actively maintaining a happy disposition despite any challenges and detours along the way. My boyfriend and I applied the same mentality  on a smaller scale  to this photo shoot. When sunshine was replaced by fog and drizzle, we whipped out my umbrella and kept smiling: