Hi everyone! Today was an exciting day for me because it marked my first month as a Sales Consultant at Fendi. In this short period of time, I've already learned a wealth of information about our brand and have come to adore the stylish, charismatic and cultured members of Team Fendi. Although the position comes with a string of challenges, I'm determined to overcome my obstacles through self reflection and a sunny disposition. Look below for a classically styled ensemble and my personal guidelines to success in the field of luxury fashion:


Noir Brocade

Hi friends, I hope you had a lovely week! Recently I started holiday shopping online and developed a bad habit of thinking, “Something nice for you...oh hey - a sale! Here's something nice for me too." Through my shopping cart struggles, I also realized that I embody two styles: ultra feminine & urban edge. How else can I explain having pearls and studded boots in the same cart? What I love about fashion is how accurately it communicates the facets of my personality. I'm gentle, sweet and conscientious, but at the same time, fierce, boyish and adventurous. This balance of seemingly contradictory qualities is what makes me unique. Meet the leather clad, sassy version of myself in Noir Brocade.