Graphic Jungle

Inspiration is all around us. Several times a week, I take the 7 train to visit my boyfriend after work. I'm usually dead asleep, but the times I'm awake and happen to gaze out the window, I can see blasts of colors on warehouses as the train whizzes along the tracks. On one of our weekly exploration dates, Doug takes me to that colorful warehouse. Graffiti art covers the building's facadetransforming it into a graffiti mecca known as 5 Pointz. Welcome to our graphic jungle: 



Hi friends, happy Thanksgiving Eve! Tomorrow my family will be heading to New Jersey for a potluck with some close friends. It's been several years since we've gathered under one roof for Thanksgiving, but I can still remember the childhood games and delicious fusion of American/Chinese food. Looking back, I feel thankful for all I have; looking forward, I am hopeful for what's to comein friendship, love and career. Here's to being positive, confident and (fashionably) fearless in life.


Gilded Blossoms

Hi friends :) Last month, I approached my boyfriend with an idea: to explore a different spot in New York every week. I realized that even though I've lived in New York my entire life, I never took advantage of the city's vast offerings. Whether it's because I studied hard in high school, went to Boston for college, or interned full-time after graduation, I never took the time or effort to venture out. Now I'm happy to say that Doug and I are making the best of our weekends by going out on Saturdays and staying in to watch football (go Giants!) on Sundays. Here's a look from one of our dates:


Color Blocked

Hi everyone! This week we encountered a natural disaster known as Hurricane Sandy. For my friends on the east coast, you already know about the flooding, power outages and physical destruction, and I genuinely hope you're all okay. Although the storm was horrible (and even put my career on hold), it gave my family the opportunity to reunite with old friends over a power outage dinner," and me the time to catch up on my sleep. When there's a negative, you can always find a positive if you dig deep enough! In keeping with the two sides of a coin" theme, below are two color block ensembles from happier New York moments: