Metallic, Orange, & Floral

Hi everyone! Next week marks the beginning of August and, for many of my co-interns, the end of their time at PR Consulting. I loved getting to know the other girls (and one guy), working with them, and admiring their daily outfits. I thought it would be fun to share three looks I wore for the week of July 23-27


Aztec Inspired

One thing I love about summer fashion is the abundance of easy, fun trends to try. As I was cleaning my constantly messy room, I came across several tribal-influenced garments and accessories. Some were new purchases from the spring, while others came into my wardrobe during high school. Either way, it was fun putting together the pieces into two Aztec inspired looks.



Good afternoon everyone :) I've had a busy but fun week of dinners, reunions and even a baby shower! The festivities continue today with my mom's birthday barbecue. Even though she's half a century young (leaving the number ambiguous haha), my mom truly has the spirit and energy of a woman in her twenties. You can witness her beauty at the end of this post :)